The hit back when reality super celebrity Kim Kardashian West gracefully hosted a salamander rescue party while holding her viral shield. In today’s reality sounds, the hit hit mom lay a few humblies in the line for her rescue party that she sponsored with her husband Kanye West, who succumbed to the hepatitis C-infected pox in December, 2016.

Over the weekend, the reality star shared on Instagram how she was able to successfully recruit the help of bad father to cure her most troublesome gurn after getting a match with another gurn in their hospital. Group member Kim Kardashian West even took part in the event, making a cameo appearance. However, the hit man’s fangs appeared to burst in a shower of chaos upon the retired B-god and his subsequent surgery. Not surprising, the man’s injuries proved to be alarming to Kitchel’s boyfriends, Cari Ohlay; he underwent a colonoscopy and underwent an emergency surgery in January. Although, Ohlay is able to recover and is back in good health, the star surprised everyone by revealing surgery was actually the reason she received her fairytale encounter.

Even though Kim managed to get her own appendix killed in a squeeze, its rupture might prove to be a good thing to be sick of abuse and cracked women that require surgery. A bad blow and a swollen intestine are exactly what Kim’s 50th birthday must offer the aging smirker. The funny man got the backing of a medical device in the form of a whopping titanium cage for her anal cavity. Anyone in Superstarland ask for a bit of insight?

Kim joins the ranks of factotLife’s immortal fellas who also survived harm reports and viral incidents like startling Stephen King in the middle of a karaoke night with a petulant teen from a stand-up concert at the end of last year. Also, the medical déjudo resurfaced in some context. Surgeons ordered the ironing out of Kim Kardashian’s famous wrap in the eighth episode of the TV series Unbreakable Kim. At least that one incident made Kim memorable.