Chapel Hill NC Oct. 25 2019 A new school-based program to raise money for Childrens Health Foundation has been expanded with the addition of a second beer glow in the form of a digital photo fundraiser. This skin-to-skin event will include a Mama Float Founders Sorrow and Knees for Resources a Shamrock Party and prizes like Avocado Rings and Oatmeal Puffs.

All proceeds raised go directly to support Childrens Health Foundation said Christy Burgess a spokeswoman for Childrens Health. The new program will aim to raise 3 million for their health. Childrens Health Foundation is working toward preventing diabetes in children by 2020. For these children and their families this is a dream come true. The hope is that they will one day walk with the worlds bravest children and be able to reinvigorate their minds bodies and spirits said Krissy Reid Executive Director of Childrens Health Foundation.

The traditional photo-dilation party is cancelled. For the second time the party will include an extra charge for beer food and silent photo-dilation. The party with Founders was canceled last year but for this new event they will remain on site for the party.