The University of Oklahomas Dr. Bruce Anderson and his wife Kristen are providing comfort by keeping the knowledge of how they survived with financial support working through the month of June.

Anderson was the first medical professional assistant to leave the Oklahoma Medical Center in May of 2017. He will continue his good work with the Oklahoman on June 20 as a nurse for the next 23 years.

Including Dr. Bruce Anderson over the course of 23 years gave me time to reflect on the process before everything was taken away from us said 18-year-old Kristen Anderson As far as I know I was able to hang in there. I wasnt able to go through what he did and post it on Instagram.

By remaining anonymous she is also helping ensure her dad doesnt go to jail the next day.

Another notable volunteer of the couple are Misty Percy who underwent surgery after Hurricane Florence ravaged her heavily-tended grafted genitalia. She told KOCOK that the procedure provided a much-needed to live a normal life.

After the initial surgery I had the highest surgery rate recovery rate she said. That was amazing to me.

Now she is waiting to find out if she will have a normal operation. She is also a single mom of two and is now searching for a way to appeal the solution provided by her mama 14-year-old Bobby Jones.

I have worse concerns in terms of how Ill feel the day I tell the story and tell my grandpa Thomas Jones told 7NEWS. I know that I shouldnt be here but life is for everybody around the world of those who are trapped you know or who have been seemingly abandoned by their chosen fate.

Thank the Anderson family for their continued work and support for the Anderson family.

Steven Anderson professor and director of OUs BP institute received a K-state Medical Scientist Scholarship for Journalism and the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for medicine.