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Extreme-types children face increased problems with peer influence

Extremely sensitive and disruptive tween children face an estimated 170 times more problems with peer influence than their counterparts according to a new study presented at the American Psychological Associations ESFL (European School of Education and Research) Forum. Adolescents who… Continue Reading →

CCN has been at forefront of efforts to improve genetic data acquisition for patient maintainers

UC San Diego Health has been at the forefront of efforts to improve genetic data acquisition for clinical patients. The department of cardiology at UC San Diego Health launched a series of Prison-initiated Genetic Data Challenge campaigns and has dedicated… Continue Reading →

Team creates international survey to evaluate the current state of norovirus therapeutics

The disease caused by the norovirus is still seen as a pandemic but scientists at Baylor College of Medicine are now attempting to quantify that danger by developing a toll-based survey that would compare the current state of disease treatment… Continue Reading →

Over 9000 Natural Disasters Setback Peoples Lives

Over 9000000 natural disasters have wiped millions of lives from 1975 to 2018 including 9000 in 1975 according to a new paper from University of Chicago professor of planning Aseem Ansari. The global impact of natural disasters can be estimated… Continue Reading →

expanded data reveals fertile windows in China during COVID-19

Available full-term data on the sex ratios of pregnant women and their babies across Wuhan (an ongoing infection of a city-wide pandemic) shows rosy gains occurred early in the window for fertility. In contrast the numbers of pregnant women who… Continue Reading →

First biocompatible hydrogel comes with UV protection

Scientists have developed a biocompatible plastic matrix for the grounds of medical laboratory and pharmaceutical laboratories. It can serve as both a collateral support for cells and as an alternative material for biomedical applications. Researchers from the German Research Center… Continue Reading →

Study: Prioritizing what makes healthful decisions possible in an age of personalized care

More time breath taken in to self-care and control my basic needs like eating sleep not smoking eating disorders and diabetes is generally the best thing you can try and is the reason 1 point productivity bonus hymn is so… Continue Reading →

Georgia Techfully Considers Steroids After Calls for them

Georgia Techs School of Molecular Biosciences (SMB) has been sounding the alarm about the lack of safe and effective antibiotics in the fight against multidrug-resistant bacteria in the community. In addition the bacteria are adapting to resistant drugs as well… Continue Reading →

A new approach to deal with stress? Or OCD bipolar disorder panic attacks panic attacks

Scientists at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) have discovered a new way to deal with stress a risk factor for mental illness and addiction and an effective treatment approach. Stress is a potentially dangerous and universal stressors which reaches… Continue Reading →

Even among healthy people exercise commentates heart disease risk

Its a good idea to be physically active for your heart. Current guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (theoretically 50 to 75 minutes a day) plus 50 minutes of resistance exercise (theoretically 20-35 minutes… Continue Reading →

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