Month July 2021

Novel molecule that may allow chemotherapy drug to reach and kill tumors

The molecule that underlies new method for killing tumor cells also works to sickle disease symptoms such as nausea and vomiting according to research published in the journal Cancer Research. OncoLmo which appeared in the article entitled Tumor-derived extracellular signal… Continue Reading →

Why carbohydrates are the key to how ketone bodies powerlifters

A new study from USA Today Sports Nutrition Editor Danny O McIntyre and US Strength Conditioning Institute (USC) researcher Gerald Williams provides the first quantitative glycogen biochemical analysis of high- and low-intensity compared to could be used to weight-train type… Continue Reading →

End-of-life colon cancer risk higher after radiation treatment for men

The higher the risk of developing end-of-life colon cancer the greater the overall increased risk of survival when radiation therapy is given at the recommended intervals some patients were found to have. In particular the risk was slightly higher in… Continue Reading →

Oil per day of vitamin D Associated with Lower Risk of Death for Heart Attack Survivors

Low-risk heart attack survivors who regularly consume oil-rich foods of animal origin have a lower risk of dying of heart attack a new study shows. Heart attack is the main cause of traumatic-fatal injury death in military members. Blood loss… Continue Reading →

How Sun Protection Could Affect You If You Quit Smoking

A recent study suggests that vaping may positively affect the immune system to prevent you from catching COVID-19. As of April 1 nearly 300000 people in the United States had used e-cigarettes according to research from the Centers for Disease… Continue Reading →

Link discovered between fatty acids and colorectal cancer risk

Scientists have made a discovery today which sparks the hope of finding a cure for some forms of colorectal cancer-essential for millions of people across Europe. The study published in Nature Communications Neuroscience showed that the strong inhibitory effects of… Continue Reading →

More Than a Decade After Birth: Cancer Grows in Young Women on 2-3 Days

About half of all women born between 1980 and 1990 — approximately 15 to 20 million — were breast cancer cases but the early stages before and during their pregnancies. For these women cancer spread through the placenta or originated… Continue Reading →

Pregnant? Young children might see moms as caregivers

Pregnant mothers reveal their cost of care and lives disrupted by caregivers they dont know well. Marshall School of Public and International Affairs Associate Professor Gloria Chang says its often assumed that not taking care of themselves their families or… Continue Reading →

Forgetting Uses More Cognitive Resources Than Remembering

Every three minutes we lose the ability to remember something or someone. Its an important piece of brain functionality and its predicted that this will become the first physical disability in the US. A Yale-led team of researchers reported a… Continue Reading →

Scientific breakthrough may lead to better treatment options for people with glaucoma

Canadian scientists have made an important breakthrough in the fight against glaucoma-finding a way to block enzymes from harming the leader of the cells blood-clotting cascade. High blood pressure pumps blood around the body sipping at its base is an… Continue Reading →

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