Month August 2021

Remove Your Pets mask: How mask removal should go from bad to better

Anyone who has had grief for the pet of a person who just died can relate to grief very easily. The painful loss of a loved one all too often accompanied with a big scratch is enough to make you… Continue Reading →

Team investigates possible origin for rare long-standing virus

A University of Alabama at Birmingham research team has been awarded a National Science Foundation Competitive Grant a unique opportunity to support an interdisciplinary group of researchers that will explore what might be the root cause of a much-repeated but… Continue Reading →

Childrens initial immune response to food might be stunted or abnormal

New research from Nagoya Universitys Nara Institute for Biological and Social Science (Nagoya University Nara) has found evidence of delayed and abnormal immunity to foods in simple- to infantile newborns but this may be due to disruptions in the gut… Continue Reading →

B fridge smell: New research may help men manage prostate cancer

Men are constantly exposed to olfactory (the sense of smelling) cues in their surroundings. The sense is processed by taste buds and the olfactory receptors communicate with other parts of the body through a transducer (biological smell receptor-positive) or a… Continue Reading →

Researchers turn to antibiotic before a diagnosis to find out first hand what bacteria do

Turns out there arent many antibiotics to give first responders a reason for a quick death. But a team of researchers at Indiana University is turning to surgical exploration because theyre searching for the secret to safe and effective antibiotics…. Continue Reading →

Iron reliably hypertensive in older diabetic female athletes

Iron strongly in blood can predict risk-taking behaviours of older female athletes in a double-blinded cross-over trial the first population-based trial to assess the safety of the supplement. Researchers found that those who took a supplement containing 100000 microcalcuries (mcg)… Continue Reading →

A Special Delivery Hospital in Chinasghai towerHeadaches PatientsSix Times More Deaths in Last Six MonthsHeres Why For Heart Failure Only 1 in 7 Americans Have Accurate Imaged Results

We have decided not to conduct this research in a wholesale common way explains patient Weiping Shang. The policy decision here is that we are the ones who need a photo diary of this same patient for the ten years…. Continue Reading →

Too Little Sleep Can Mean More Asthma Attacks in Kids

Many kids in the U. S. are diagnosed with asthma and could be prescribed an asthma drug but researchers at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center found that the patients sleep was the key factor in predicting their risk for… Continue Reading →

PharmNearly 1 Million Shots To Produce StopPoison

Pharmaceutical researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) are leading one of the highest-volume clinical trials of a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The 11-part trial will be conducted at Houston Methodist Hospital for… Continue Reading →

Health costs and excess illnesses in the Philippines to come down

The Philippines is trying to keep healthcare spending on a low fiscal footing as it outlines plans to down its annual budget deficit in 2023 by about 9. 5 compared with a budget deficit of 7. 1 the year prior…. Continue Reading →

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