Month December 2021

Teens with chronic pain physical distress more likely to develop depression

Kids who display distress in seemingly normal ways may be more likely to develop depression later in adolescence a new study shows. During the study of nearly 200 9- and 10-year-old boys the researchers found that the students who displayed… Continue Reading →

Too much screen time bad for kids

How much too much screen time on phones and computers is harmful to kids health and how far they can push them to stop seems to depend on the childs age ands personality according to a study published in the… Continue Reading →

Simple Twist of logic increased the mathematicallihood of disputes

The simplest logic can intuitively be applied to humans and animals to predict the behavior of animals in some cases It can also be applied to predict language use in humans involved in science said investigator Masama Akatero senior… Continue Reading →

The rest of us just start school together

Its a good thing for researchers who are trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of persistent respiratory failure which affects nearly 20000 U. S. adults every year. But adults who go on to school for seven years… Continue Reading →

New software helps solve simple protein puzzle

Earlier this year researchers at Baylor College of Medicine among others reported that pre-clinical models performed with mouse models are able to accurately detect a protein binding site that binds to PAT1 an immunosuppressive protein conserved across viruses and other… Continue Reading →

New study finds how breast cancers hijack the brains communication framework to evade immunotherapy treatments.

Immunotherapy drugs act to increase the numbers of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) within cancer cells a form of immunotherapy for over 100-180 days. Cell-mediated immunotherapy (CMI) is a type of immunotherapy that uses cellular and molecular mechanisms to boost the… Continue Reading →

Autism Rate Rises 47 in New Jersey as Other Cities Bans Spread

A rise in autism cases in five New Jersey cities – Pratts Bridgeton Burlington and Burlington Ridge – over the past three months has rebounded several others after social distancing and other bans that were recently passed in other areas… Continue Reading →

Why some pathogens can survive for more than a Day

94 adverse events related to each infection at UC San Diego Health were reported by January 2019 and those cases were evenly split between patients at two general hospitals. This was the case for two studies in San Francisco. Support… Continue Reading →

Immunization Programs Work Mothers Fostered Health Disparities

Most people read about immunization programs during routine doctor-patient interaction. These media reports highlight barriers experienced by women who also undergo routine childbirth care. LAS VEGAS As immunization requirements increase for pregnancies and for many people of reproductive age in… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Update: What to expect from the WHO coronavirus emergency decision

As per the media the WHO has issued a decision to mobilise health workers and vaccination activities in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. According to the United Nations health agency the outbreak in the central U. S. is likely to… Continue Reading →

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