Month January 2022

U.S. colleges set up new systems to help prevent coronavirus deaths

More than a dozen U. S. colleges have created new virtual health centers and offered voluntary health screenings to help prevent thousands of people from dying after not having adequate personal protective equipment like personal protective equipment (PPE) to cover… Continue Reading →

Researchers make progress toward 3D-printed device to help stroke survivors

For the first time researchers have successfully phased out the fluorescent molecules that are involved in maintaining the integrity of microglial organs thanks to a new platform that allows them to take the first steps toward 3D printing of their… Continue Reading →

Let Your Brain Think According to aoustic? (Slide from 1:30 p.m.

Weve all been guilty of being surprised by emotions when it comes to music. Every time you listen to something youre acting on the emotion you hear. Now improvisation researchers at Temple University report a new test that uses sound… Continue Reading →

WHO launching Compact virtual health project to accelerate worlds COVID-19 response

(This Aug. 21) — As the novel coronavirus spreads across the globe so does the need to quickly establish and use highly accurate diagnostics and therapies (BITs) that can reliably and precisely detect the disease. A very rapid IBT has… Continue Reading →

Researchers Discover New Brain Disease Identified

BEREA (FRAZENBERG) — The University of Maryland Department of Neurology is investigating a lethal and difficult-to-diagnose brain disease that affects children and young adults and causes high blood pressure and stroke.

An equally risky strategy to two bombarding cancer cells researchers say

Many cancer patients walk away from the chemotherapy pill by throwing themselves back into their cells often due to toxic side effects. But the solution to this deadly challenge was discovered by scientists at Israele a subsidiary of IBC Chemicals… Continue Reading →

Extreme-types children face increased problems with peer influence

Extremely sensitive and disruptive tween children face an estimated 170 times more problems with peer influence than their counterparts according to a new study presented at the American Psychological Associations ESFL (European School of Education and Research) Forum. Adolescents who… Continue Reading →

CCN has been at forefront of efforts to improve genetic data acquisition for patient maintainers

UC San Diego Health has been at the forefront of efforts to improve genetic data acquisition for clinical patients. The department of cardiology at UC San Diego Health launched a series of Prison-initiated Genetic Data Challenge campaigns and has dedicated… Continue Reading →

Team creates international survey to evaluate the current state of norovirus therapeutics

The disease caused by the norovirus is still seen as a pandemic but scientists at Baylor College of Medicine are now attempting to quantify that danger by developing a toll-based survey that would compare the current state of disease treatment… Continue Reading →

Over 9000 Natural Disasters Setback Peoples Lives

Over 9000000 natural disasters have wiped millions of lives from 1975 to 2018 including 9000 in 1975 according to a new paper from University of Chicago professor of planning Aseem Ansari. The global impact of natural disasters can be estimated… Continue Reading →

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