Day June 14, 2022

The CDCs analysis was dense and detailed and might haunt your sleep- now lets you see the numbers

One of the complaints about the American College of Medical Educators (ACMED) 2017 Standards for Medical Education that was recently solicited for action was a dense and detailed analysis. StatsLiveQuantifiedLetter (Hannah Kaplan Data Scientist) defines dense and detailed analysis as… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Mission: Uganda Regains Youthriage in Uganda

BIG LOCATION: Under the auspices of the Tawola Region Development and Gender Partnership celebrating the 50th and 100th birthdays of different people (Agyed Stanikas and Peter Hori) Godwin College of Education Uganda is launching a local youth outreach program in… Continue Reading →

Two-in-one drug for Parkinsons disease shows early promise in lab trials

Scientists at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) and Myriad Genetics Inc. present a two-in-one drug for Parkinsons disease that remains safe and well-tolerated in mouse models. Low doses of 3-beta-methyl-5-aminopropyl-1-propanolamine (MPAP) were given daily to mice with PD. In six… Continue Reading →

Study: Masters design of CRISPR gene therapy safe In mice

CRISPR gene therapy or geneloop therapy has advanced to clinical trials for treating a diverse range of conditions and now the company that invented the technique is launching a cell therapy research team at Stanford Medicine. The effort funded by… Continue Reading →

Brain signs of transcranial direct current stimulation effective in improving motor symptoms

If you cant remember the names of the present or where you left the bathroom that is an indication that you might get impaired by distraction. In recent years neuroscientists have increasingly demonstrated that spatial abilities may be affected by… Continue Reading →

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