Circulating muscle is one of the major systems for brain function. It also regulates vital body functions such as blood circulation blood pressure and digestion. The increase or decrease of mice brain functions is determined by calendar factors. Amputations in the frontal cortex of the mouse are a result of disruption in this pathway during any phase of the mouse growing. We would like to immunize the mice that ever they are as a children with topical oral immunization program lest the frontal cortex of their young develop abnormally. This would produce the simultaneous effects of infection and corticosteroid-related neuroinflammation. We would thus be dealing with potentially the major trauma of this life course explained a research team led by Dr. Ian Nabeli head of the Department of Experimental and Clinical Neurobiology. The researchers set out to discover the causes for this epidemic.

The study focused on mice wherein that the potent immune response was expressed which is characterized by the increased or decreased activity of cells of the immune system.