Day August 1, 2023

MInst students develop community tools to reduce teen firearm injuries

“The program we developed aimed to tackle it a little bit more in terms of an effort level,” she said.
The sessions involve the watch of two 16-year-olds, estimated based on previous experience, and two 8- and 10-year-olds.
“One sessions teaches young people to use a video camera and one session enhances their skills and the confidence to do the things they’re taught,” Crowley said.
In addition to counseling, a series of counter-media education (MCI) is provided in addition to music therapy, sports/oximetics classes, county-specific cognitive workshops, community health seminars, book clubs and monthly support group meetings.
The MCI serves as a walk-through resource in some districts that shall be currently endorsed by the Department of Public Health and Human Services in conjunction with the upcoming November 8th 2020 Mental Health Implementation Strategy on which the funding is based, in which districts will work to implement a number of elements, including: prevention supports, clearer communication between staff and those affiliated with the family of a victim of crime, prevention services, a survey of ongoing violence victimization, and medical and behavioral health processes for youth.

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