About Canyon Heroes

A Life-Changing Journey For U.S. Military Veterans

Canyon Heroes is open to veterans from all states in the US. Professional clinical therapists select and accompany participants providing a therapeutic setting to assist those impaired by emotional wounds such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Studies have shown that adaptive outdoor recreation, combined with professional counseling, can help veterans adjust, decompress and shed their complex responses that are related to everyday events. This process involves addressing memories that are triggered by fear and anxiety brought home from the war zone.

The rafting experience is co-sponsored by Hatch River Expeditions, founded in 1934. The National Park Service said about Hatch: “The employees of Hatch River Expeditions have an outstanding appearance and attitude. Their performance should be used as a standard for all river companies.”

Because of the generosity of foundations, organization and individuals, Canyon Heroes is able to provide each veteran with transportation, lodging and rafting trip expenses. Each veteran is asked to pay a small amount for trip insurance which includes cancellation for medical reasons and helicopter emergency evacuation from the Canyon.

For Veterans who have returned from combat or support positions in time of war to lives tormented by savage memories, your support will make a difference. Please help them cross that bridge to recovery by making a tax deductible contribution to Canyon Heroes today.


Board of Directors

Canyon Heroes has been a labor of love, founded in 2011 in Ligonier, PA, by grateful community members eager to share their love of adventure with military Veterans of all eras. The Canyon Heroes Board includes: