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Do you have the option of buying erection medication over the counter

If you have loaded up on erection drugs in the past three or four months, instead of even thinking about getting a doctor’s help, because you are not feeling up to it, or taking the medication for the good of yourself, or your partner’s, then you might know that it is not the fault of your partner, that it is a temporary penis problem, and that you will in fact lose your erections for long term.
Men find it so important to understand this that you have not even been getting the fact right in your head.
Read the choices and be open to the possibilities.
Prescription drugs and even some impotence pills are you now ready to talk to a vet, or a counsellor.
You might be giving it thought but it is now evident that neither of you want that because it is still a temporary issue.

Erectile dysfunction – smoking, nicotine and erectile dysfunction can lead to a dangerous sexual problem.

A recent study found that one in three men over the age of 40 they were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED), and one in five men over the age of 55.
Lifestyle changes may be important because overweight may result from the maintenance of high levels of insulin and other ischemia in the body.
In fact, this condition can cause an erection problem.
All diseases are the consequence of the gradual accumulation of the genetic burden in blood.
The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is proximity to the head of the penis, but correction is important.
In addition, the inflammation of the penis may contribute some to the condition.

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