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Possible potency problems – the causes and treatment options you should avoid at all costs for erectile dysfunction

The genus names for these are different and generally described as AAK, BCL, CP, Ceph, Cmax, KCL.
However, as with any medication there may be undesirable side effects in some people which may be contrary to wishes.
Secondly, don’t overlook the first option.
Many herbal pills contain different parts of the plant form and can be used on the herbal part.
Thirdly, avoid chemical drugs since there are other ways to achieve similar results in traditional medicine.

Promising gene therapy results in patients’ immune systems re Sprains-Johnson syndrome

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have treated Sprains-Johnson syndrome, a type of muscular dystrophy, in animal models. The treatment resulted in long-term survival and improved motor and balance function in existing Sprains-Johnson patients. The results are published in the… Continue Reading →

Prostate genetic mutation may help resist cancer

For years, doctors have used lab-generated testosterone or infertile patients’ natural supply to show they have no chance of developing prostate cancer. But a new study suggests that patients who carry a mutation in the KRAS protein gene might catch… Continue Reading →

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