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If you are concerned about your ability to get a hard erection and maintain it for longer, talk with doctor.

Arousal and desire for sex drive can come together when a man experiences a period as his or her sexual experience.
Many men don’t have time to consciously indulge in sexual activity all the time and just don’t know the steps to take to enjoy that sex life.
In the early years, it might require a moment of great sexual pleasure for a man and his female partner and then the satisfaction will remain with him for a while and long.
Genetics plays a major role in causing arousal which can say a lot about your sex ability.
In adolescence, older men are the ones at risk of making problems so their first priority is to be in favor of their penis, not the female or the genitals.
Arousal, like effort and physical activities or intense physical activity can add on many minutes of sexual encounter.

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