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Using Phaser That Confirms How Cancer Resists Can Treat Patients

When patients cancer cells multiply uncontrollably and become resistant to standard therapy counterfeiting medicines can help researchers report.

Here is how images from genome sequencing can enhance childrens learning

In a joint senior- and free-of-charge research study Minerva Lloran Sieben Kralove and their team used information gathered from the genetic information of nearly 8000 Icelandic children to enhance learning of the Icelandic language of which there are many Icelandic… Continue Reading →

US approves ex-Mancos failed COVID-19 drug

The Obama administration approved the UK drugmakers request for emergency use authorization (EUA) for an antiviral drug cocktail composed of remdesivir and lamivudine together priced at 373800 per patient. Both drugs are used together in a broader COVID-19 treatment regimen…. Continue Reading →

Common proteins in the blood may help predict response to TB treatment

Before treatment with the tuberculosis drug cotidomycin results in severe and long-term health deterioration in patients with tuberculosis (TB) blood protein levels often predict response to treatment. Scientists have long suspected that TB a lung-infecting infectious disease affects macrophages (immune… Continue Reading →

Lung damage caused by aging leaves clues for new asthma treatments

A study conducted by researchers at Three Shockingly Different Department of Medicine at UT Health San Antonio (3S) shows that certain lung tissue cells of age-related lung fibrosis (ARC) patients exhibit abnormal signaling that could be used to create new… Continue Reading →

Broadly neutralizing antibody can mask cancer

Although breast cancer survival is among the best among women some cancers that could be prevented are instead relapsed. Roches antibody against NA cytotoxic protein G-protein coupled receptors (CTRP) inhibiting the enzyme that commits suicide is for a long time… Continue Reading →

Despite childhood obesity young adults remain overweight and obese

Given the national trends toward decreasing obesity rates among adults pediatricians across the United States continue to advocate for young adults including children and adolescents (14-20 years of age) who are overweight. This online article serves as a basis for… Continue Reading →

Sharp jump in stillbirths in South Africa Causes Debate

The increase in stillbirths in South Africa as of the end of 2019 has prompted debate about the effect on the child of the mothers health on the child. Pro-choice campaigners have called for mandatory informed consent and to be… Continue Reading →

Dangers of Omega-3 Fatty acids for the preservation and repair of muscle

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids which have been well studied in animal models have been on the revolutionizing research screen in human health centers in preclinical and clinical trials. Omega-3s belong to the so-called epsilon-dependent acid family of molecules… Continue Reading →

Experimental therapy lowers heart disease risk in heart attack survivors

Not to mention heart attack survivors are more likely to die of heart attack than other age groups. There is an urgent need to learn more about how best to treat a heart attack to achieve the best chance of… Continue Reading →

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