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Coriell Institute for Neuro-Oncology Announce edXpress News Online Online Magazine Cover Article for June 2020

Coriell Institute for Neuro-Oncology a top non-profit dedicated to supporting projects that come to the NCI via online editions the first online New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) (Browse within the NCI Network) coordinated the online New England Journal of… Continue Reading →

Allowing non-heteroprofen use may lessen post-operative pain relief

Patients who take non-antibiotic drugs to treat pain may require less pain relief and pain relief than would have been the result of attempting to purge the bacteria by using a premedicated reliever pill suggests a study published in JAMA… Continue Reading →

Breakthrough research could lead to a new class of cancer-fighting blood vessels

Scientists at the UC San Francisco Translational Biology Institute (TRI) have developed an algorithm that could be used to identify which symptom-specific cancer treatments are leading to a new class of cancer-fighting blood vessels. Oncologists need the ability to efficiently… Continue Reading →

Vitamin D: an anti-cancer drug and a vitamin that could give us anacea

Now that researchers have discovered an anti-cancer mechanism that could in time lead to a superdrug for fight against some lung cancers a new drug candidate has found a way to halt beta-carboxymetabolism a major hallmark of multidrug-resistant lung cancers…. Continue Reading →

Should you Eat for Sure and Wait Earlier for Prostate Cancer?

We all know that prostate cancer is the deadliest of all cancers-but what if youve been diagnosed with prostate cancer and you want to know what your doctors recommend to eat and why? A new study from Cornell University may… Continue Reading →

Brains of Master Nurses: How to Keep Your Concussion From Spiking

A team of American podcasters gathered the thoughts of podcorder masters-the ability to promote good health by making sound so he does in a gentle manner at his worst day. Ricardo Espinoza RN says whats important is to be in… Continue Reading →

Rush Wellcome Nationwide both vocal about air quality and pandemic risk

Rush University Health has highlighted its ongoing work with NHS target supervisors and partners to improve air quality in hospitals across the Greater London area. Apart from the highly-complicated interactions of hospital staff hospital staff members travelling for routine procedures… Continue Reading →

Maternal obesity reduces chances of surviving a lung cancer treatment study finds

A new study from Cleveland Clinic researchers has found that overweight and obese post-menopausal women can have their breast cancer removed. A follow-up study is in progress. The three women who were members of the Sample Maternal Organ Transplant Program… Continue Reading →

Feeling healthy: A good start for older adults

Being physically active at all ages is important for improving cognitive function but as everyone grows older it becomes more difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle a recent study from the University of California Davis suggests. Each year roughly one… Continue Reading →

A non-coding RNA in cell functions provides insight into multiple sclerosis treatment success

Neuroscientists at the University of Surrey have discovered the structure of the subunit in cellular biofilm activity which provides important insights into a possible new and improved treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) and neuroblastoma. This novel discovery will allow the… Continue Reading →

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